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Song of the day – 170: My Friend Wallis

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The great advantage of running a series like this is that every so often friends and colleagues will tip me off to stuff like this.

(You might actually want to use the following link instead, cos the video’s pretty great: Hiding – My Friend Wallis from Kyle Surovy on Vimeo.)

My Friend Wallis have a bandcamp page where you can download a whole bunch of great “tropical dream-funk from Vancouver” like this, for free. Sole band-member Crystal Dorval is like the female Panda Bear, and I didn’t even realise I liked Panda Bear that much!

Here’s what I wrote about the lady for Bust. (They’ve actually rejected this copy – I don’t think they got The Barracudas reference, or understood why I was using the Galaxie 500 anecdote, or indeed why I was mentioning summer just when it’s about to turn to winter in the States. Can someone remind me in a few days time that I need to do a rewrite, please?)



Beautiful crystalline funky stuff from Vancouver. My Friend Wallis is Crystal Dorval: her music (self-described) is “tropical dream pop-funk”, but it sounds way more trippy than that. Beach Boys smooching with Dee Dee Warwick, stuck on repeat. I took acid once while listening to Galaxie 500, and the hairs on my arm lit up like Sunderland Bridge.  Summer’s here. Time to get high.

Think: Animal Collective, Opal, Delia Derbyshire

Panda Bear: 9

Pooh Bear: 2


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