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Song of the day – 173: Betty And The Werewolves

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Initially, I’d dismissed their album Teatime Favourites as flimflam – thin, weedy-sounding, doing for female C86 what countless generations of boys have done for their male counterparts, like Talulah Gosh with all the punk removed – and I still can’t entirely get past quite how much the singer sounds like Amelia, or the drums clatter like Matthew used to, but I threw a track onto my femme-pop compilation anyway (email me, if you want a link), the single ‘Paper Thin’, and bugger me sideways and call me Rachel if they didn’t suddenly seem to fall into place alongside my other cherished favourites. There’s nothing remotely original about Betty And The Werewolves, just plenty of fun and spirited melodies, and fuck when did I – or anyone else – look for ‘original’ as a criteria for loving music?

I rather like this description of them: “Could morph into the best or worst band any second”. It’s drawn from their MySpace page, where you can also hear the delightful “Paper Thin’ single. From London… I wish I’d spotted the fact they were on Damaged Goods earlier, would have saved me a bit of procrastination. Love that label.

Their debut single ‘Euston Station’ has a touch of the Kate Nash’s about it, don’t you think? Not a bad thing at all.

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