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Song of the day – 182: Pigeonhed

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I have an awful lot of time for Seattle’s Steve Fisk, and not only because a) people have mistaken us for brothers, b) he’s the only man alive I know that’s grumpier than me, and c) I once appeared in a pick-up band alongside him and our cartoonist buddies Peter Bagge and Eric Reynolds playing ‘tribute’ songs to various other cartoonists (which oddly no one has seen fit to release since). His music is great. His sense of humour (when he remembers to have one) is great. His storytelling is superlative (as anyone who’s watched Hype! or read my Nirvana book will know). His cynicism is out-of-this-world. His production skills are fucking second-t0-none: dub, grunge (ha!), the whole K Records/Olympia pantheon, dance music…

Quick! Ten superlative Steve Fisk productions (off the top of my head, and verified at Steve’s website).

1. Beat Happening – Black Candy (1989)

2. Nirvana – ‘Blew’ (1989)

3. Screaming Trees – ‘Change Has Come’ EP (1989)

4. Steven ‘Jesse’ Bernstein – Prison (1992)

5. Some Velvet Sidewalk – Avalanche (1992)

6. Boss Hog – Boss Hog (1995)

7. Unwound – Leaves Turn Inside You (2001)

8. The Wedding Present – Take Fountain (2005)

9. Shoplifting – Body Stories (2006)

10. Johanna Buccola – ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ (2010)

Steve was also responsible for one of Sub Pop’s earliest – and most surprising – money-spinners, as one-half of Pigeonhed, alongside the soulful singer Shawn Smith. Here’s a recent outing from their second album, 1997’s The Full Sentence, recorded live in Seattle a couple of months ago. Man, I still miss that city.

A new single, ‘Rollin Thru Oakland’, has just been released (it’s great!) and a third album is on its way 13 years on, so Steve’s been filling up my Facebook inbox with messages to that effect. You are welcome to do so, any day sir. You are welcome to do do.

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