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Song of the day – 215: Jonny (free downloads!)

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Blimey. There’s Norman Blake, he of my much-loved Glaswegian pop stars Teenage Fanclub. (True story: my first girlfriend named her pet hamster after Norman – then in The Boy Hairdressers. It was after we split.) There’s Euros Childs, he of my much-loved Welsh pop stars Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci. (True story: Gorky’s press agent called me up after they got signed to a major label, and said, “We can fly you anywhere in the world you want to interview Gorky’s now. I thought for a second, and replied, “Gorky Park”. Three weeks later….) So, double blimey.

There’s Norman and there’s Euros, and they’ve formed a group together: and it’s as deeply harmonic and toe-tingling and pastoral and in love with beach party music as you’d expect. Only perhaps even more so. The two voices together are some kind of deeper magic. And they’ve only gone and decided to give away their very debut EP FREE to celebrate. That’ll be four songs full of sausages and Italian inventors and guitar sounds that could grace even The Easybeats. Or (perhaps more obviously) Jan And Dean.

You can find it all here.

That’ll be a triple blimey with chips all round then.

Oh, and here’s a video of ‘Continental’ from the Free EP.

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