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Song of the day – 391: Teddy And The Frat Girls

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Teddy And The Frat Girls

Now THIS is what I call punk rock.

Imagine if the world had been full of bands that sounded like Sheer Smegma (Teddy And The Frat Girls’ original name) and Teenage Jesus And The Jerks instead of a bunch of lame Rolling Stones rip-offs. Man, I’d have love to have seen the legendary intransigence of the music press-reared audiences in the late 70s when faced with more than 20 minutes of this, live. Damn, but it’s brutal. More songs about shitting, quaaludes and cocks, as the Punk Not Profit blog puts it. ‘I Wanna Be A Man’ probably is the finest moment: offensively raw and can’t-be-b0thered-to-play and hilariously bored and misandrist, with a can’t-be-bothered fuck-you chorus that disintegrates into oblivion. Horrible drumming! Horrible. But brilliant. A ‘fuck’ band. Like Thrown-Ups. Or early Half-Japanese.

Detailed Twang puts it like this:

I’ve touted this ear-bleeding band of low class 1980 Florida freaks for a few years on the basis on the two trailer trash tracks of theirs I’d heard: “Club Night” and “I Owe It To The Girls”. Both came from their only EP “Audio Suicide”, a record that’s achieved semi-legendary status as one of more retarded noisy shrieks of the punk/D.I.Y. era. Very soon after its release, the band quickly switched their name to the far more refined TEDDY AND THE FRAT GIRLS (as in Florida mass murderer Ted Bundy). Danger has always lurked in my mind knowing that Jello Biafra put out the 12” EP version by the new group in 1982 (same exact songs), and now that I’ve heard the band’s dumb poop song (“Alophen Baby”) and their dumb fake-German genderbender song (“I Wanna Be a Man”), I can certainly guess which half Jello probably fell for. But those other two, the ones available on compilations (KBD #5 and one of the HOMEWORKs, respectively), are just destroyed.

I always thought Ted Bundy was the dude from Married With Children. Oh, that’s Al. Right.

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