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Song of the day – 57: Pikelet

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I don’t want to turn this whole Song of the Day series into a string of links to reviews I’ve written recently, but…

1. I usually only ask to review albums that I think I’m going to enjoy.

2. I’m ferociously caught up in finishing my PhD confirmation document right now, on severe sleep deprivation – and sometimes the most direct route is the best.

So I reviewed the second album from Melbourne’s solo star Pikelet a couple of days. Among other phrases, I wrote that “I know this is music I like: it’s full of escaping awkward bunnies and Technicolor lighting, and keyboards that travel on circular paths, each oscillation bumping into the next” and hence was a fraction surprised to receive a message on Twitter, stating that “I can’t tell if you like it!”

Man, I didn’t realise that star ratings were mandatory these days!

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