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Song of the day – 61: Jonneine Zapata

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This is the best damn impersonation of PJ Harvey I’ve heard in many a long year (and, trust me, I’ve heard quite a few) – so good, in fact, that I’m not sure it’s even fair to mention the lady.


I’m throwing this song your way mainly because I want this blog to be representative of my listening habits; and since being sent the MP3s to Jonneine Zapata‘s music I’ve found it to be very conducive to working on my PhD. Indeed, I’ve listened to it more than anything outside The Deadnotes. Probably because it doesn’t intrude and probably because it’s familiar (along that whole Harvey/Cave/Lanegan axis) and probably because it’s reassuring and doesn’t challenge too much and probably because I can work over it…

I’m fairly sure this is a good – if not great – song, though. It’s certainly stuck in my head, not least for the breathtaking audacity of the main lyric, “I’m good-looking/You’re good-looking/What are we going to do?” – which makes me smile every time I hear it, but would actually be far more poignant and sexy coming from someone who looks like me, for example. Especially as she goes on to drawl, “I want to come on you/I want to come on you”

I’m not sure what to make of this video, though. Some guy even shouts, “You’ve got take your shirt off next, c’mon”, to which Ms Zapata smiles coyly.

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