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Song of the day – 667: Ragana

Song of the day – 667: Ragana
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I like the fact they sound like they’re struggling, fighting. That you can hear every gasp for breath. I like the fact Black Sabbath and Unwound haven’t been a male institution for years. I like the drawn-out silences. I like to look out my window and occasionally imagine I can still see Mount Rainier there, swathed in cloud. Or, as Scott Creney puts it:

Ragana: mist drifting in off Puget Sound that may or may not be a synthetic pesticide intended to destroy our lungs and drag our broken chromosomes off the planet before we do any more damage to our loved ones and ourselves.

I also like their own words, sent a year ago to a place I never dreamed existed till a few days ago (see this blog entry for further explanation):

dear collapse board, it seems like this is the right place, so i would like to introduce you to RAGANA. we’re a two-piece from olympia, wa, who have often been described as “witchy” and “brutal”. we write a lot of songs about beauty and secrets and surviving the weird capitalist hell-world we’re all trapped inside. maybe you would like to review our music, which can be found at http://rararagana.bandcamp.com. we also have a tumblr: http://growsrots.tumblr.com. sincerely, nicole & maria

Here’s the one I like best. It’s rudimentary, and you can hear that there are just two of them but… you guessed it. I like that, too.

This review from a Greek anarchist/DIY website is excellent:

Simplicity in art reveals beauty more easily and maybe you can relate with it more easily. When things are simple, you just enjoy them without much research, without using analytic procedures. You just feel them instantly. Ragana, a black metal band from Olympia, WA, USA, is such a case. A duet making astonishing simple sound constructions, soaked into a haunting and dark reality. Black metal with a touch of stoner and punk, post passages, revealing ethereal vocals, sharp melodies, atmosphere that will embrace you like nature; they even took me to my beloved… Dead Moon!

But words cannot easily describe what ears are enjoying. Astral, earthly and minimal. Then of course, the whole stance of the band comes up. Full DIY and with a certain anarchist relation. They are amazing, truly amazing in any aspect.

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