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Song of the day – 235: Stuart Busby

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Been meaning to share this little gem from YouTube with you for some time.

Stuart plays mainly trumpet in The Deadnotes, a group I sometimes have the privilege of singing with: and he continually astonishes me, the variety of sound and cheekiness of his melodies. Even more surprising was our last couple of get-togethers where he ditched the trumpet altogether and played only bass, and it sounded even more awesome. Bass, being new to him. As is the saxophone to Sandra… but man alive, with Ms S on psychedelic sax, Mr S on bass and Mr L on drums (no Mr E), one song sounded as great as even early Prefects. I swear.

OK, maybe the vocals weren’t as good.

Whatever. The Deadnotes were my favourite Brisbane band before I joined forces, and their countless spin-off projects and solo stuff and artistic endeavours continue to inspire and impress and entertain and the like. Damn, but these cats can rock. Or whatever the correct terminology is for music trained in the School of Error, the garage rock of late Seventies Brisbane and mid Sixties Sydney, and even a smattering of Half-Japanese.

Here’s the video.

And here’s that most recent Deadnotes live recording again.

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