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Spotlight – 41: Bitch Prefect

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This recommendation comes courtesy of the fine Eternal Soundcheck blog. As Matt writes, “Bitch Prefect are from Adelaide and play really nice simple pop music – Think the Clean, Velvet Underground, a bit of Half/Japanese and mix it up with the retardation that growing up in a small city town in Australia would do to you”. That sums it up quite nicely, except to add that I’ll be damned and deep rotting in my grave before I stop loving this music.

It reminds me a little of 80s-era Pastels, but then I would say that, wouldn’t I? It’s also a little McTells and a little Vaselines. It’s precisely the reason why I think The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart are so ordinary and so miss everything there is to love about the music that I – and, clearly, they – love. It’s not polished, in no way reverent. It clatters and resonates with bruised violet hurt and races round in living room circles pretending that it’s The Verlaines, and is pure beauty the way that round white mouth mints can be pure beauty when you haven’t slept. The Velvet Underground are fascinating as a template: time and again, the original has been proved to be inferior to the art based upon it.

Repetition and melody and awkward pop colliding.

Here’s the MySpace.

Go on, someone. Make my week and send me all of their music. Please.

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