Everett True

Song of the day – 305: The Edwin Hawkins Singers

Greatest vocal performance on vinyl ever? One of them, for sure.

 Everett True

Song of the day – 195: kyü

The blurb that comes attached to the shrink-wrap with the debut album from this Sydney duo states, rather ridiculously, “10 mind-bending tracks that will change the way you listen to pop music”. Assuming, one presumes, one has never listened to any of Kate Bush’s more ethereal work, or anything associated with certain female singers from […]

 Everett True

Song of the day – 175: Kim Ki O

You want to listen to some deliciously hazy synth-swamped dark wave made a pair of Riot Grrrls from Istanbul? Of course you do. This is a song from their new album Dans, released by Enfant Terrible. As they explain, “The name of the album here indicates ‘dancing’ as a social way of existence, which connects […]