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Song of the day – 175: Kim Ki O

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You want to listen to some deliciously hazy synth-swamped dark wave made a pair of Riot Grrrls from Istanbul? Of course you do. This is a song from their new album Dans, released by Enfant Terrible.

As they explain, “The name of the album here indicates ‘dancing’ as a social way of existence, which connects to the themes of the songs on this mini-album, such as the feelings of loneliness in massive cities, crowded spaces, fears, rapes, insecurity in friendships, etc…” ‘Herkes Evine’ (above) isn’t entirely my favourite track on the album, but that might simply be because the album needs to be listened to in its entirety as only then does the mood grow and grow, sweep you under. Hence, the final track, the sumptuous ‘Hayır Hayır Hayır Hayır Hayır Ha…’, is the stand-out for me, as it’s a consummation of everything that went before. Kim Ki O remind me of what some of the smarter boys are doing down in Tasmania right now, and of some of my friend Nathan’s friends as well.

Jens Lekman likes them too, which makes me like Jens Lekman just that little bit more.

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