The Friday Afternoon Playlist, 21.02.2014

The Friday Afternoon Playlist, 21.02.2014

The annual gathering of angry men with tattoos and long hair (i.e. Soundwave) starts this weekend with the Brisbane leg at the RNA Showgrounds on Saturday. A quick and dirty unscientific study (we looked at the profile pictures on Soundwave’s website and counted up band members) shows 318 musicians playing the festival of which a […]


Collapse Board mix tape 2 – Australia: What are they putting in the water?

A few weeks ago I made Collapse Board a mix tape of great Australian pop and indie-rock. Check it out here: collapse-board-mixtape-1-downunder and http://pictureofthewind.wordpress.com So I thought I’d tackle the flipside with a mix of Australian rock from the heavier, darker and grittier side of the tracks. I could have gone to town on the […]