Tiarney Miekus

Paths Diverge: Alpine, Kitchen’s Floor, Ouch My Face And Blank Realm

Paths Diverge: Alpine, Kitchen’s Floor, Ouch My Face And Blank Realm

By Miss Tiarney Miekus Setting up Kitchen Floor’s Battle of Brisbane with Alpine’s Yuck would make for a lousy blind date. One is a party and one is a funeral, and I’m not convinced which is which. Yes, both are Australian releases (Alpine a few months ago, KF more recent), but they have little in […]

 Bianca Valentino

Ben Ely – The Collapse Board Interview

If I’m feeling sick or down music is really quite nourishing.

 Bianca Valentino

Celeste Potter of Ouch My Face — The Collapse Board Interview

I don’t think any of my guitar solos are any of the right notes or anything.


Collapse Board mix tape 2 – Australia: What are they putting in the water?

A few weeks ago I made Collapse Board a mix tape of great Australian pop and indie-rock. Check it out here: collapse-board-mixtape-1-downunder and http://pictureofthewind.wordpress.com So I thought I’d tackle the flipside with a mix of Australian rock from the heavier, darker and grittier side of the tracks. I could have gone to town on the […]

 Everett True

Song of the day – 129: Ouch My Face

Let’s stick with the raw-assed rock for now. After all, it was what I (mostly) made my name championing. Here’s something sweet – all squealing and implied menace, like a partially-stuck pig given the keys to the abattoir and the opposable thumbs to use them; or a breakaway sect of Babes In Toyland fans let […]