Singles Club: Gooch Palms – Trackside Daze (Urinal Cake Records)

Singles Club: Gooch Palms – Trackside Daze (Urinal Cake Records)

Justin Edwards: That Smith Street Band song is getting plenty of column inches but I don’t think anyone’s pointed out that the title is the best thing about it. Instead here’s the new Gooch Palms. https://soundcloud.com/thesmithstreetband/wipe-that-shit-eating-grin-off-your-punchable-face#c=43&t=0:00 Jodi Biddle: Now now. The sleeve art is also gold. Bianca Rosemarie de Valentino: Love the Goochies!!! They’re moving […]


Totally Autumn: A Day On The Green

“Get tropical, cunts”


Blank Realm + Songs + Bare Grillz @ The Cambridge Hotel, 02.10.10

This show was part of the annual This Is Not Art/Sound Summit festival. I’ve never seen so many people at a show in Newcastle – the place was packed. Memories of this night for me are pretty much a blur, a lack of self-restraint wiped me out early on and that’s why video cameras rule. BLANK […]