Alex Griffin

Holy Balm- Activity (Chapter Music)

Holy Balm- Activity (Chapter Music)

Yeah. So some people dance the way my dad used to hose down the lawn at 4pm on a Sunday in January: with a total absence of worry, let alone uncertainty. Most of the time I spend in clubs is the opposite. Do I want to be here? Is it kicking in? Where is everybody? […]


Totally Autumn: A Day On The Green

“Get tropical, cunts”


Eternal Soundcheck: The First Year (2010)

My humble little film about Australian music, Eternal Soundcheck: The First Year can now be watched in full on YouTube.


In Photos: Deadshits #2 @ Woodland, 28.01.11

Deadshits returned to Woodland on Friday night, with sets from Circle Pit, Boomgates, Holy Balm, Assassins 88, Superstar and Per Purpose.