Venita Munir

Sigur Rós @ Margaret Court Arena, 27.07.2017

Sigur Rós @ Margaret Court Arena, 27.07.2017

Although it’s almost five years since Sigur Rós last played in Melbourne, memories of the second ‘Harvest’ festival remain strong. Back in November 2012, Sigur Rós headlined a brilliant line up on the great lawn sprawling before the historic Werribee Mansion. That night was perfect and emotionally resonant. My partner didn’t make that festival; he […]

 Everett True

awful cover versions, cont.

She’s from Finland, apparently. Remind me never to go there.


6 Favourite Musical Things in 6 Months Jan-July 2011

Choral music. Screaming. The other theme for me so far this year, has been female rap.

 Wallace Wylie

Mr Maps – Wire Empire (Lofly Recordings)

It’s a common complaint from music fans these days that many reviews are more about the reviewer than the music.