Everett True

a Saturday afternoon conversation about Collapse Board

Does CB ever pay for content?

 Laura Witkowski

Bollywood Ear Candy: Aaja Aaja Mein Hoon Pyar Tera

Dance away kids, because somebody just might die tonight!

 Matt O'Neill


You ratchet up the intensity with breakbeat and raver music. This is absinthe and lemonade.

 Laura Crapo

Why Canada drives me nuts

It’s Canada’s secret way to make our country less attractive to tourists

 Everett True

the editor of the NME reacts to the news PJ Harvey has become the first artist to win the Mercury Prize twice

And then we all wake up and wonder where the art of genuine protest has gone.

 Everett True

Of course, it doesn’t count when women or blacks do it. Part 2.

Just thought I’d spell this out. So sexism doesn’t exist in the music industry in 2011, huh?

 Laura Witkowski

Bollywood Ear Candy: My Desi Girl

Guys will do the darndest (i.e. stupidest) things to impress a pretty lady!

 Laura Witkowski

Bollywood Ear Candy: Chura Liya Hai

Yet another reason why true Bollywood enjoyment requires suspension of disbelief.

 Princess Stomper

You don’t need to shout to be heard: nine present-day political songs

I don’t think anyone needs to worry about musicians losing their voices any time soon.

 Princess Stomper

No Mas Bodas – Flesh (self-released)

I want to see something besides bunnies next time. Can you manage a squirrel?

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