Tobi Vail

Hello from Olympia, WA – 4: Madonna Live at the Super Bowl

Does the marketplace necessarily kill radicalism or is it ever possible to be subversive in the mainstream?

 Scott Creney

Scott Creney reacts to Pitchfork’s reaction to M.I.A.’s Finger

Ryan Schreiber should be, if not ashamed, then more than a little embarrassed at the moment. Calling someone an asshole for raising a middle finger to a Super Bowl camera when you run a website and a music festival that has no problem promoting songs about rape, misogyny, and homophobia is empty and pathetic.

 Everett True

Everett True reacts to Ryan Schreiber’s article about M.I.A. pretty much exactly the way you’d expect him to

I shudder to think what he’ll make of Russian feminist punk rock collective Pussy Riot