Wallace Wylie

A review of ‘Muchacho’ by Phosphorescent based only on the front cover

Is it irresponsible to write an album review without having heard a single note from said album? Maybe. It would probably depend on the album.

 Tobi Vail

Hello from Olympia, WA – 2: Morgan And The Organ Donors, Hooded Hags + The Maxines, live at the Midnight Sun

I like a band that takes the time to dress up, it makes them seem cohesive and prepared.


The 10 Best Coldplay Covers?!

Really, just open your minds and dance, ya snobby fucks.

 Bianca Valentino

The 12 Worst Questions Asked by Australian Media at Snoop Dogg’s Only Australian Press Conference

Would you rather lick Vegemite off a dingo’s nose or eat kangaroo testicles?