The Friday Afternoon Playlist, 14.03.2014

The Friday Afternoon Playlist, 14.03.2014
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It’s that time of year again, when all those editors that plaster their magazines and websites with adverts and suspiciously sounding advertorials but who can’t afford to pay their contributors, head off for a nice jolly in Austin, Texas. Either that or they get flown there courtesy of major record labels. Just to be on the safe side I’ll be cross-referencing the major label’s acts against positive stories and glowing endorsements in those publications.  So it’s been a quiet week and instead of being full of new music, my inbox is full of emails telling me about bands playing shows in venues an 18 hour flight away.

Meantime back in Australia it looks like the music media has moved on from just reporting the Alex Turner Brit Awards speech to asking the big question of the age, namely ‘Is it time for a rock revolution?’ and following it up with the double whammy of ’10 acts bringing rock back in 2014’. In a couple of years everyone involved will be quite embarrassed by it all. After all, didn’t anyone learn anything from the last time someone tried to bring rock back?  Someone should draw a line in the sand about this sort of thing.

The Beatles – Isolated Vocal Tracks
I didn’t have any success with accreditation to photograph Pharrell Williams in Brisbane on Wednesday night. Instead I stayed at home and spent the whole evening listening to isolated vocal Beatles songs. It might be a very MOJO thing to say, but anytime I think I couldn’t love The Beatles anymore, I find something new to love about them. Even only listening to the voices (or maybe it should be especially listening to the voices), voices from more than 40 years back into the past, what could a rock revolution ever hope to achieve in 2014, at least if it’s one based on groups of four or five white boys with guitars?

Teenage Fanclub – Everything Flows (Radio 1 Session version)
I suppose, if you really must, you can have your rock revolution but on the one condition that it comes up with something as good as this version of Everything Flows.

Grace Jones – Me! I Disconnect From You
There is an occasional upside to the never-ending Re-issue ! Re-package ! Re-package ! world we live in. This week it’s Grace Jones covering Tubeway Army from the upcoming double-pack with a photograph, extra track (and a tacky badge), remastered, expanded deluxe version of Nightclubbing.

Clag – Twozza
New music from Brisbane’s Clag (featuring Collapse Board contributor, Bek Moore), the lead song from a forthcoming four-song Choose Your Own A-Side EP being released through Bedroom Suck for Record Store Day.

Nana Vigilante – Foreign Land (Name Your Price Download)
Brisbane female hip hop as recommended to me a couple of weeks ago from Collapse Board’s Ben Green, although Google shows that we’ve already written about Nana Vigilante.

As Miss Tiarney Miekus wrote in her live review late last year:

Nana Vigilante is a tough kind of individualism, the kind many were weaned off during school. It’s a girl and a backing track, shitting over whatever Aussie hip-hop is (which in Australia is generally a white heterosexual male activity, which probably explains why it’s all complete crap). There are songs about Brisbane and references to Galileo; like all decent rappers, she’s a poet.

Obligatory Sky Ferreira Song – You’re Not The One (Cid Rim Remix)
How’s that rock revolution coming along?

Neil Kulkarni’s F.U.N.K Radio Spring 2014 Part I and Part II
To finish this week, the latest couple of mixcloud mixes from Collapse Board’s good friend and the web’s best music writer, Neil Kulkarni.


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