Everett True

The return of Everett True | 11. Honeyblood

The return of Everett True | 11. Honeyblood
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No prep time. I’m going in cold.

I’m a sucker for sunflowers and lavender. There was a massive lavender bush outside the house in grew up in, in Chelmsford. About the only plant that survived the years. I bought Charlotte a sunflower the day Isaac was born (cost a fiver, I recall).

I’m a sucker for harmonies and echo, and a drum sound like Shop Assistants invented drumming.

I’m a sucker for rouge and lipstick and fairy dust blown straight into my face. I sat down next to Mia Clarke on a bus once and she got up ready to change seats then she realised it was me.

I’ve nothing more to say except that all these signifiers, when taken together, mean that I warm to this song already. It doesn’t bother me, the familiarity of strangers. Not at all. I have always taken far more comfort from the familiarity of strangers than the closeness of friends. I’m not saying this is right, or a way to enjoy life, just saying it’s so. Every time I see there’s a new email for me I feel a chill, a dread that isn’t welcome or thrilling – that somewhere down the line I’ve fucked up terribly and finally now I have been found out. I love this drum sound. Sometimes I wish that the whole world was Shop Assistants.

Here’s the difference between you and me, easy. You love the Mary Chain and think that cos they’re male and they came first, they matter more. Maybe they do, to you. Not to me though. I couldn’t ever imagine – let alone welcome – David Keegan playing Rio Rocks. There’s the difference between me and you.

I have nothing more to say. I welcome this, very much welcome this. And I will have forgotten who created it within minutes. Same way you’ve forgotten me.

As ever, drawn from the source.

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