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The Wedding Present + Seja + Eversons @The Zoo, Brisbane 02.03.13

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The Wedding Present Aus tour poster

There’s an old saying, if you can’t say anything nice say nothing at all.

I enjoyed hearing ‘My Favourite Dress’ again.


The surprise of the evening was the Eversons, all the way from Wellington in New Zealand to play to 15 hardy souls in Brisbane Queensland (it’s a lot further than you might realise). I mean, right. I’m not sure we would have enjoyed them if we hadn’t been a) sitting down at a table near the front, b) in a receptive mood to anything halfway decent because we really really wanted the two hours before The Wedding Present came on not to be dull, c) reared on Supergrass and 80s Flying Nun (on a trip to the country, paying tribute at the Holy Grail of rain-swept Dunedin), d) already aware of Flight Of The Conchords and the music thus inspired, e) in love with certain jangles and certain harmonies from the 60s, f) open to some cheekiness and some chappiness, g) appreciative of any band that mix shyness with good looks and call-and-response harmonies, h) momentarily nostalgic for the tiny pub gigs of Brighton UK, i) loving a bit of naughtiness not too overplayed, j) loving a bit of soulfulness not too overplayed, k) enjoying the first Pavement album all over again, l) in love with the modern world, m) wanting Chris Knox to be known the world over, n) not too familiar with the type of music Eversons play (cos too familiar can breed badly), n) happy to sit back and let the sweet boy harmonies wash over us, o) in love with rock’n’roll, p) appreciative of any song that queries whether life will ever get better as the protagonist gets older (what with parents dying, hair loss etc) mixed in with deprecating ba-ba-ba-ba’s (the very best kind, right?), q) appreciative of any song that names the boy who objectifies the target of his lust as plain creepy (even though he thinks he’s being all sweet and romantic)… and so on.

The quote for the barricades is: Imagine Flight Of The Conchords in a long passionate embrace with a dazzling diaspora of Clean fans.

And yes, I have a feeling you might really not like this one. We do though.

Fuck you. Sometimes, context can be King and Queen and every point in between.

Charlotte’s new favourite band. We bought the album.

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