Triple J Hottest 100: Am I Hot Or Not?

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One final thought.  No one does nationalism like the Australians.  It permeates so much of Australian life, depressingly even music. Instead of the more typical music-as-a-competition, “this song is better than that song”, “my favourite band is better that your favourite band” seen in the never-ending, scraping the bottom of the barrel, reasons for lists you find in the likes of Q Magazine every month, Australia takes it to new levels with “OUR bands are better than yours”.  Living in Australia is like living in Britpop era UK on a permanent loop. Even seemingly liberal Australians go into chest-beating and flag-waving mode when it comes to their music. But if you have government quotas for how much Australian music you need to play and you make it a selling point of your radio station (“We Love Australian Music”) and exceed the minimum quota and about half your playlist is Australian music, is it really a news story that about half the songs in the Hottest 100 for the year are by Australian acts?

And looking at the list, is it really something to be proud of?

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