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Well done knob gobbler | The homophobic wit and wisdom of Foo Fighters fans

Well done knob gobbler | The homophobic wit and wisdom of Foo Fighters fans
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All the following are genuine comments left on a recent Foo Fighters live review. Doubtless there are more to come. I will add them when I see fit.

Were you at the same gig with the other 40,000 people? From the looks of your picture you had a pretty crappy seat, I’d be angry about that too….

I doubt this clown likes any music at all!

Are you australian? Seems unfair just to call you a cunt when i can call you a retarded convict cunt. You truly are one.

Thanks gareth. Nice long name, are you an upper class twit cunt? Southern shandy drinking cunt? Feel free to advise me so i dont mislabel you in a fit of pique. Xxx

well hundreds of thousands of fans will disagree. i would not even wipe my ass with this stupid article from a very angry man with some issues.

i am not even a fan of the Foos, nor do i know lots of songs of them but i saw them live and its not that i can disagree with his rant because it’s so obvious that it’s not really about the show or the music why he is writing so much bullshit, that guy clearly has a problem with his own life and never got out of his teenage nirvana time, so he is full of frustration and hate and needed a way to let it out… he is a poor guy, we shouldnt blame him. retarded people are not bad just because they are different… we should offer him help… 😉

Fuck you!!

I can’t find one word good enough for this cunt!

How do you know Kurt is turning in his grave? How dare you presume that you know how Kurt would think or feel about anything you fuckin twit!!!

I hope you are proud of yourself. You’ve written a piece of shit story and got the attention you wanted.

Don’t worry dude, Justin Bieber will be there next week.

Whatever man.. you are so lucky that you got to be there. I live no where close where they tour, my only complaint) so you don’t know how good you got it that you even got to be there and you’re going to go on like that. Did you really think that the majority of people were going to agree with you… HA!! You’re a JOKE!!!

Just another bored piece of shit attention whore with nothing else to write about.. Well done knob gobbler.. Well done.

we shouldnt blame the retarded people and better help them in their hard life… 😉

This is the worst music review I’ve ever read. You should never send a reviewer who already hates a band to review that band. Terrible journalism, if you can even call this hatchet job journalism.

You are a cunt who has never played live – this is rock and roll and you are the buggest deutschbag in the world – go type in your corner you pimple faced cunt

Do you enjoy rock music? I don’t understand why you went to watch the Foo Fighters. Sounds to me like you went with the opinion that you wanted to write a negative review. Foo Fighters sell out shows all over the world because Dave writes simple songs with good melodies. You mentioned songs with only 3 chords, to me, as a song writer myself, keeping a song simple with good hooks is a lot harder than you think. Dave is a song writing genius, and one hell of a front man, he is also backed by some bloody talented musicians. I challenge you to get on stage and do better…

wasn’t that the summersault festival where you got fisted in the moshpit without any lube?

What a terrible piece of shit write up.

Is the writer a huge Courtney Love fan or something?

Article written by a complete fucking cunt

Sounds like someone needs to wash the sand out of his Vagina!
The only thing forgettable here, is the unheard of writer of this review.
Try going to a band you like, you know,….one of those faggot all boy bands, instead of bagging something you’ll never be. A class act.
Another delusional, judgmental waste of fresh air that calls himself a human being.
What a shit stain!

Milton, I hope you get a taste in music sometime, or die slowly, whichever comes first

Awww you learned guitar at school? Then why the f*ck are you not playing to millions? Jealous tw*nt.

You are a fucking gutless idiot you should b reveiwing festival films you gormless fuckwit. Milton just because you have no talent or value as a human, no need 2 take your penis envy out on the foos. Clearly you understand nothing about music so get some clues and a new job dumb arse

maybe you stop hanging out at gaybars…

Obvious click bait, you will get the traffic, but lets see how you handle the heat from the faithful. I have no love of FF. But all I can say is who the fuck is Milton Fiennes? This seems to be a jealous rant from a frustrated failed musician. People love more heinous shit that Dave Grohl, leave em be. This article is like buying a big mac then dissecting it for nutrients..Pointless and stupid.

What kind of a turd are you? Would you even know Rock music if it slapped you in your ignorant face. How old are you? 17…..It’s incredible that any band plays at least 3 hours for you, no matter what their age. Grow up and try to find some good in life. You are certainly lacking.

This is the single biggest pile of turd I have ever read.

Someone’s a bit sour they never made it as a rock star. Here’s an idea, buy tickets to see bands that you actually like.

This article is a joke. Or maybe the writer is a jealous sourpuss. Pat Smear is a legend and Taylor is no Kurt wannabe. This was not Kurt’s band, this is Foo fighters and the RAWK!

how the fuck could Kurt Cobain turn in his grave when he was cremated? and why go to a Foo Fighters concert if you hate them so much?

How does someone turn in their grave when they were cremated? That just show’s how little of an idea you actually have you moron!

So, which Foo slept with your wife?

whoever . this …guy is …!!!! not .. knowing who .. Pat smear is !! Shows me …. That This Guy …. Knows .. FUCK ALL about Music !! And FUCK ALL .. about having a good Time ! a Prick is what he is …Plain and simple !!!!

W O W what a HATE FULL review!!! u must be BOARD to write this CRAP!!! the fooy’s are the best band in the world! i Bet u listen 2 that dub-step crap!!! damn Hipstars dont no Good Music if it HIT THEM in the HEAD!!! Give Up!!!!!

fuck off

Please die.

Interesting read bud, the Foo Fighters play countless sold out shows all over the world. Lucky for you you probably used your bullshit “I’m writing a piece on the band” line to get yourself into the show. Go back to music class, learn more chord progressions, then put out great music spanning close to three decades, then I’ll read another one of your piss poor articles.

Dude – yr a hater !

Stick to listening to One Direction and leave our rock heros alone you dick

Haha clearly this bitch doesn’t know what he is talking about. If you don’t them then fuck off, pure and simple. Prob the type of person who is negative about EVERYTHING.

This is the most poorly written and inaccurate review of a concert I have ever read. Kurt is rolling in his grave? What the fuck Kurt isn’t even foo fighters for one and secondly do you wanna talk about simple songs?
Smells like teen spirit is one of the first songs I ever learnt because it’s a 4 chord structure. Come as you are has a baseline riff and another 4 chord pattern.
This article states nothing about the music at all, it’s just spitting hate at the band.
This is probably some unsuccessful frustrated musician who has a deranged sense of egotistical worth who lives in his grandmother’s basement.
And why in God’s name does it matter what the crowd looks like? Ugh.

im so offended by this bellend, millions of record sales and happy concert goers cannot be wrong, what an utter cunt i cannot express my utter disgust stongly enough

Opinions are fine, we all have them. Mine is that you just wasted four hours of your life at a gig you knew you’d hate so that you could have a sad rant on the internet. Glad I’m not you.

You’re a cock. What do you listen to? I bet some shit like Nicki Minaj.

do you just hate fun? they extend songs to add an extra dynamic to them. wanna listen to how they sound on the album? stay home and listen to the album, you’d actually be doing 40,000 people a favour. & why does it matter how old their guitarist is? I feel sorry for anyone who has ever met you

Dude I’m sorry the Foo’s weren’t as awesome as the Mumford and Sons gig, your Mum should get you a refund. Go have a nice warm glass of milk and have a lie down

Didn’t get your daily fisting then? artists are allowed to change their act for entertainement value this century. your boss needs to bullet you

Wow, you are one bitter, negative loser! All your critisims are so superficial and misguided. Those “ego walks” were so people further back actually get to experience the show close up. You’re complaining about guitar solos at a rock show? Critisising an older musician for decades of success? Comparing Taylor Hawkins to Kurt Cobain? You even insulted the entire crowd!

I’m not a big FF fan, but srsly, that’s the lamest review ever – dude, why’d you ever go on that show if you hate that band so much?haters gonna hate, blah blah, but really? you spent money just to sit there and whine like a lil’ bitch – ain’t got nothin better to do in ur shitty life? you’re dumb as fuck, no doubt about it.

a clever use of words young man but a terrible review overall.
You sound very bitter & twisted dude and have obviously missed out on something spectacular right under your nose which perhaps happens often with you & is often attributed to people being ungrateful cunty douchelords
good on youse Foo Fighters keep living your Rock n Roll dreams & entertaining Te World \m/

Knobhead. It was a top show. Sounds like you walked in with your head up your own arse.

I find it fascinating when others stand on the pedestal and criticise those who have attained blinding worldwide fame and success. Usually, in my experience, people who have this much bad shit to say about a show are musicians themselves who’ve never attained even a smidgen of their target’s popularity and just want to bitch about it. Maybe FF’s had a bad show in Brisbane… so what. Their global success is undeniable. I hope you paid for the ticket to go to the show man, that would be the biggest joke of all.

Is there not a certain irony in a ‘never was’ calling someone else a ‘has been’? I’ve listened tp their last few albums and while they aren’t my favourite band in the world, they work hard and produce pretty quality stuff. This guy sounds really butthurt; to the point that he needs one of those o-ring cushions just to sit down.

Clearly written by a cunt who licks the shitty arse of Justin beiber and clearly doesn’t know good music when he hears it.
In other words….. Quit wasting time on ur shitty, boring and clearly worthless reports.

Wow. Guess that’s one way to get published. What’s this site again? Milton obviously wishes he was as successful as these guys. Shame on you for being so critical of a rock band that have done nothing but keep it real for 2 decades. Eat a dick Milton you oxygen thief, eat a dick.

You sad human being!! I use that term loosely!! Achieve something then get back to us!!

Maybe the bloke that wrote this article is a mate of Jason Parry’s! lol

This guy is a complete idiot. That knows nothing of music

Bit cheap taking shots at Pat Smear in the way you have done and as for Cobain ‘rolling in his grave’ comments well you should have realised that Dave Grohl isn’t Kurt Cobain sometime in the mid-90s for fuck sake.
I don’t like the Foo Fighters and never have done but this review is awful on so many levels.

What a fuckstain

Who is this nobody Fuck-stick??

Music makes the world bearable in its many forms no matter what individual taste you have. Apart from the minor vocal mix issues sitting not far from where this shot was taken, it was a memorable night we all enjoyed. Daves a formidable songwriter and whilst he stacks up his 100’s of millions and pushes back an infinite qty of Hot Woman, you can revel in the fact you will always be right back that far from the stage due to your lack of evident talent. Weighing up what the FF’s have written vs the shite you have produced, and it’s an easy one, who gives a fuck what you think

Jealousy is a curse.

Did you take your meds this week mate? Seems like a big brown cloud’s hanging over you.

Must be a fucken Kayne fan

Hey Milton… You sound just “slightly” jilted. What’s the matter?? Did you pathetic attempt at a music career flop so bad that you feel the need to try and find fault in SUCCESSFUL musicians in order to try and feel better about your lack of talent? Although they may not be your “cup of tea” you should at least have the journalistic integrity to TRY and write an UNBIASED criticism.. You’re pathetic attempt to make raise yourself up at the expense of an artist who has work HARD at their careers makes me sick you loser !!!

Sounded good to me.. Fuck off FUCK STAIN


Ironically your review is a perfect contruction of the flaws you accuse Dave Grohl of. It’s superficial. One note. Devoid of intelligence. A narcissistic self aggrandising piece of hate mail written for your cynical hatefilled buddies at the organic fruit stand.

Don’t like their music, fair play, everyone has a choice…but to bag a world touring musician who has dedicated his life to the art for his age? Not sure when playing music had an age limit….and your job is to write rubbish for ‘likes’ behind a desk whilst being paid peanuts? That’ll be fun when your 60

You are a bitter idiot. How can you not at least respect the foo fighters, they are incredible musicians. Fukn wanker.

The critic is never right you halfwit you are on this earth to give us your opinion. And now it would seem from the comments below that your audience will become even smaller. If you just want to pay out on someone, have a look below, you might learn something. The best part about your supposed critique is seeing all of YOUR haters below hanging shit on you. Where are you MIlt?

Milton Fiennes, you are literally a fuck witt having written this review. Do you actually even like music? I suguest you go back to your hole and listen to your wiggles and Barney CD’s cos as like most other Foo Fighters fans will say, It’s was a FUCKING GREAT concert…

Clearly you just don’t like them . Who made you a rock god of the ages. Take them for who they are a bloody great band that have stayed true to there sound and who they are and not pretending to be anyone else. Can you right hits like do. I can smell jealousy.

isgusting. If it’s so bad, go develop some musical talent and do better. The world can use more good music. Why is this critic’s opinion of any worth? Has she or he done anything of musical worth? Show us why your opinion should matter when it comes to any form of music. Go master an instrument. Go become a better concert pianist than Vladimir Horowitz was. Go become a better guitarist than Van Halen or Victor Wooten. Go invent an instrument. Write a song that people know. Write any song

Jaded.. negative… ageist drivel

This whole article is an ego walk, screaming look at me, aren’t I clever pouring scorn on a band you clearly didn’t like to begin with, crap jokes about them being old and as many references to Kurt Cobain as you could fit in. This article was more self indulgent than a 20 minute drum solo, with none of the talent.

I am not a foo fighters fan, I don’t especially like em, but I can respect them, but this is the most mean spirited arseholeish review I’ve ever read, you had a plan from the start to bag them. And I ain’t no fan , but you deserve a slap, utter shite!

Who is Milton Fiennes? Sounds like someone who’s going through a relationship breakup and is bitter and twisted about everything! Kurt was never in Foo Fighters, I’m sure he doesn’t care what Dave does on stage…


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