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15 Most Read Entries on Collapse Board, 06.05.11 – 12.05.11

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Lively week, this week.  Very lively week. So I’ve expanded the chart accordingly. Some of these posts have been generating considerable discussion elsewhere on the Internet.

There are re-entries for Jesus And Mary Chain (re-promoted via Twitter), Eliza Doolittle (hardy perennial on Google Search), Odd Future (still being linked to from other sites), Tunabunny (re-promoted shamelessly via Facebook and Twitter: but rightly so, as two of this awesome Athens, GA band are now Collapse Board contributors) and Wild Beasts. More female writers featured than male, again.

1. In Numbers: Splendour In The Grass 2011
Cost is a major factor in why Splendour didn’t sell out in a few hours. The line-up is another. (Justin Edwards)
2. Would-be scalpers foiled by the addition of Coldplay
“How am I going to feed my family now? How am I going to afford my casual drug habit? Chris Martin must pay!”, Simpson said. (Darragh Murray)
3. Is there really such a thing as selling out?
I know this is going to come as a shock to you, but albums aren’t made by little pixies waving magic wands. Whatever dreams are spun of, Phase 1: plan to be famous; Phase 3: profit, the reality is more mundane. (Princess Stomper)
4. Part of Everett True’s interview with Kurt Cobain, April 24th, 1993
“The only major arena rock concert I went to was Iron Maiden on the Fourth of July. People were shooting bottle rockets and throwing M-80s into the crowd all night, until they had to stop because the roof caught fire.” (Everett True)
5. the first EVER review of Jesus And Mary Chain
Will be terrible when they start to play, so catch them now. (ET)
6. Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues (Sub Pop)
Helplessness Blues is 50 minutes of laments for one’s self in the face of shifting uncertainty, framed in endless soothing harmonies, an opiate of sighs. It’s ear candy for the sentimental, the place where Nick Drake intersects with The Hollies. (Scott Creney)
7. Song of the day – 324: Eliza Doolittle
She’s like Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse rolled into one, not quite so threatening (Davy Jones to Amy’s Brian Jones). (ET)
8. REVIEWED IN PICTURES: An Horse – Walls (Mom + Pop/Shock)

9. Song of the day – 342: Skinny Girl Diet (free download) (see featured image)
Riot Grrrl, like I always understood it … i.e. female empowering, and not scared to experiment with new musical forms, and not rooted. Exciting, because this music could go anywhere. (ET)
10. Who Gives a Fuck?
Crass make me feel like the ignorant, posh, privileged, complacent, white dabbler that I am. (Lucy Cage)
11. Odd Future and sexism etc
The misogyny and homophobia on display in Odd Future’s output is sickening. I’m not sure how anyone could even think of playing it to a gay friend. Are they supposed to be open-minded and have a sense of humour about it(Wallace Wylie)
12. how to get featured on a music website – part 3
Think about it for one second. You’re already paying your record company/PR person a sizable chunk of dough to market your ass. Why not cut out the middle-people and get the professionals to do it straight? Not only are we cheaper, we’re also better at it. (ET)
13. Males making a career of being blue: masculinity and moroseness in alternative music
Why is that male-fronted bands are more easily notorious for emotionality than any similarly visceral girl-fronted bands? Is it that music is classically a boys’ game and thus there are comparatively fewer sad women musicians? (Sophie MacKenzie-Smith)
14. Wild Beasts – Smother (Domino)
There’s just something about proper English men singing about dirty mouths, I swear. (Kelly McClure)
14. Thoughts on Music Promotion and Production in Brisbane: or Why Can’t Brisbane Get a Leg-Up?
“Every place comes with its own frustrations and [things they’re lacking in]. It’s just that Brisbane happens to lack almost everything.” (Carmen Juarez)
14. Song of the day – 231: Tunabunny

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