What is Collapse Board?
Collapse Board is a new and classy publication, dedicated to music criticism. There are blogs about music, articles about music, reviews of music, photographs of music, links to music – and even MP3s of music If this was 1990 or 2000, we would be a magazine. It is not. it is 2011, and we are a website. This doesn’t mean that we take what we do any less seriously or fervently. Our one inviolate rule is that we shouldn’t bore you. If we bore you, let us know.

Who is Collapse Board
Collapse Board was originally set up by Everett True and Justin Edwards, two Brisbane-based music lovers. The team has since been expanded.

Where does the name Collapse Board come from?
It was originally the title of a very fine song indeed by seminal Brisbane band, The Laughing Clowns.

So Collapse Board is all about Brisbane then?
Not at all. Although our coverage of music is bound to have a Brisbane slant – we are based here after all, as our most of our team of bloggers and contributors – we are not limiting ourselves by geographical location. We aim and hope to champion some of the most excellent Brisbane music that still exists under the radar, but we will almost be looking further afield to the rest of Australia, and indeed the rest of the world. Main editor Everett True has helmed no less than four UK national print publications, after all. There is already a fine music publication, Mess And Noise, that is based in Melbourne and champions good Australian music, exclusively. That is not what Collapse Board is about. Yes, we will have a Brisbane and Queensland bias, but that’s not where it ends.

Ah yes, Everett True, I’ve vaguely heard of him… the bloke who ‘introduced’ Kurt to Courtney, right?
Fuck off.

Do you pay your contributors?
No. We aim to, but that is dependent on a) industry support and/or b) local government support. Bear with us. We’re just starting here.

OK. So how do I contribute/send stuff for review consideration/advertise/comment on Collapse Board?
Have a look at the other sections in the drop-down menu under ‘About Us’. Everything is contained therein. We’ll be starting up a forum shortly.

Can you explain the set-up of the site in more detail, please?
Too easy.

This is the part of Collapse Board where we aggregate other blogs from around Brisbane and elsewhere. Every week we will choose our favourite entries from around 12 blogs relating to different aspects of music – be it live reviews, industry insider insights, photography, MP3 blogs (songs used with permission, obviously), gig previews, or just general banter about music – and aggregate them in this section. This way, we aim to give you a flavour of life around music around Brisbane and further afield: taking care to always link back via RSS feeds to the original blogs. Other websites obviously have started aggregating blogs, but few – if any – actually reprint entire entries together in a comprehensive fashion like this.

(this is to be viewed as the magazine part of Collapse Board)

Guest Columns: a vastly underused resource within most music publications. WE LIKE OPINION. Listening to music is a subjective experience, so how can one hope to be ‘objective’ discussing it?
Interviews: most interviews with musicians are literally ‘phoning it in’. WE DO NOT CONDONE THIS APPROACH. We aim to increase and deepen understanding and enjoyment of music via our website/publication – how can this happen when both musician and writer couldn’t care less?
Spotlight: a brief impassioned viewpoint on a band or artist that strongly takes our fancy.

(this is to be viewed as the magazine part of Collapse Board)

CD reviews: everyone features CD reviews, but do they write them ‘live-to-air’ or in under one-minute? We like to experiment with the form so we can continue to entertain while we inform.
Live reviews: top-notch and off-the-wall writing matched to ace photography. What’s not to like?

Every day, our trained team of experts trawl through the Internet and interminable electronic press releases to bring you only the very finest in music, with a story and link attached.

Thank you. And finally, what is this rumour that you’re aiming to produce a print version of Collapse Board once a month?
Exactly what you’ve called it… a rumour. But who knows? Our team has quite a chequered past behind them, and have pulled off the seeming improbable many times before. One of us did introduce Kurt to…