Collapse Board’s 2018 Call for New Contributors

Collapse Board’s 2018 Call for New Contributors
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We’re a bit late this year (the story of our life) but it’s time for the annual call out for any new contributors interested in joining our ranks. Obviously we’re interested to hear from new people at any time of the year but doing a formal request helps remind everyone about our little site and what we’re about.

As has always been the case with us, we strongly encourage female and non-binary writers to get in touch.

Although we aren’t a geographic specific site, and welcome contributors from anywhere, being based in Brisbane, it would also be good to have a few more Brisbane-based people who are interested in reviewing live shows.

Here are some reasons why you should choose to contribute to Collapse Board:

  1. We don’t believe in formatting text we receive and hitting the publish button as fast as we can, like all those other Australian music sites. We read the words you submit and when we think they could be improved, send them back with comments/suggestions to make them better. We want you to become a better writer and try to help you achieve that.
  2. We’re happy for contributors to use us to build up a portfolio of work and move onto bigger and better things. We take great pride in all the people that have come through Collapse Board’s ranks and have then gone on to write for much more prestigious publications and gone on to greater things. There are always plenty of opportunities for album/singles reviews, live reviews and interviews to help you build up a portfolio of work that you can use to promote yourself.
  3. We believe in people with strong opinions. As Scot Creney, one of Collapse Board’s all time greats once put it, “We have a freedom that the daily and weekly papers lost a long time ago. The freedom to say whatever we want to say, however we want to say it.” You can read the collected Collapse Board manifestos to get an idea of what we’re aiming for.
  4. By the way, when we say “however” in the previous dot point, we mean it. We’ve written reviews and evaluated artists with recurring dream short storieschartspicturesessaysexposésstreams of consciousnessscribbles on the cover art, and God knows what else. Use us as your drawing board.  Passion and imagination trump literacy skills and large vocabularies every time.
  5. As well as the collected manifestos mentioned under the third dot point, this interview on Drowned In Sound with Collapse Board founder Everett True by Collapse Board legend Lee Adcock explains much of what Collapse Board is about and what it strives to achieve. Although there’s much to take from this brilliant interview, the key sentence is “If you’re not trying to change the world, if you’re not trying to fuck shit up all of the time, why are you there?” We probably should make this our tagline. If this sentence talks to you, you belong here.
  6. The main difference between most of the popular Australian music websites you can read is the font type and colour scheme. The first rule of Collapse Board was “No news”. We have absolutely no interest in cutting and pasting press releases like all those other sites. It’s what makes us stand out from the crowd. We also don’t depend on what triple j, Australia’s national youth radio station, is doing for a significant portion of what we publish. It leads us to ponder the perennial question “If triple j didn’t exist, what would the typical Australian music website write about?”
  7. A few years ago, we were ranked as the 25th Most Influential Online Indie & Alternative Music Publication in the World and the Most Influential Online Indie & Alternative Music Publication in Australia.  We’re probably not anymore, but hey, we’ve achieved great things and are pretty proud of it.
  8. Gender equality is a big thing here. A very big thing.  None of that evaluating women by how hot they look, or any of those other discriminating tropes you’ve seen on other music websites and blogs.
  9. We’re still not a music website for millennial males.

If all of this sounds interesting to you and you’d like to join our gang, or you’d like to find out more, get in touch with us through reviews@collapseboard.com.

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