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22 of Mike Turner’s Favorite Songs of 2012 So Far

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2012 - extraordinary pigs

By Mike Turner

2012 has been full of some of the best moments and worst moments of my life. I hate this year more than The Flaming Lips hate themselves and twice as much as Jack White hates people who are truly creative. This list includes some bands that are friends of mine, and some bands that might be on my label. Don’t preach that it kills any credibility as we all know there isn’t such a thing to begin with. So with that I give you yet another list (now go turn blue already).

Orca Team – Too Busy to Love Me
I’m the kinda of asshole this song is about which is why I love this song, and why it bums me out each time I hear it.

Cheap Time – Another Time
Yeah, the video and song is from 2011, but it finally came out in 2012. Nothing new, and overall by the end of the record I get a bit bored, but a track at a time these guys kill it every time.

Broken Water – Drown
Again nothing new, but this record made me go back and rediscover Sonic Youth and that has been a great couple of months listening lately. My favorite part is the moron in the comments on YouTube that writes Broken Water is the new Modest Mouse, like that means anything.

Trailer Trash Tracys – Los Angered
I mainly checked this band out due to Pitchfork not being into them. I hated the band name, but the fact Pitchfork couldn’t be bothered made me play it at work, and it’s been one of the most instant albums I’ve ever listened to. Music as colorful as the video you’ll watch below.

Savages – Shut Up
This band has about everything it takes me to flip my wig right from the start, but it just seems contrived. I can’t fault the songs, but I feel like I’m being had with each listen.

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