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22 of Scott Creney’s favorite songs of 2012 so far

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2012 awesome

By Scott Creney

This is all stuff that I haven’t written about it yet. So no great stuff from Mac DeMarco, Cheap Time, Royal Headache, The Bastards Of Fate, Sissy Spacek, Willis Earl Beal, Sleigh Bells, Dirty Three, Coasting Fucked Up, Royal Baths, of Montreal, Cloud Nothings, Trailer Trash Tracys, or Guided By Voices. You can read about all those here (http://www.collapseboard.com/author/scott/). 

And I have no idea how to make a ‘mixtape’ of these songs, but if you’re smart enough to give a shit about Collapse Board, you’re probably smart enough to make your own music comps.

Killer Mike – Big Beast

I can’t really go into why I like this album so much. It’s the catharsis, obviously.

The Woolen Men – West Coast

A fucked up White Light White Heat version of The Clean. Go to their bandcamp and d/l the whole thing for $3.

Orca Team – Night Moves

There’s an album review coming in the next week or two. Normally they’re in Seattle, but they’re playing in the UK right now as you read this.

The Phantom Family Halo – White Hot Gun

There’s no way The Phantom Family Halo could have known what was going to happen, but anyone who was shocked by the murder of Trayvon Martin just hasn’t been paying attention. ‘White Hot Gun’, a threatening stomp that threatens to explode into violence at any minute, could have been playing in George Zimmerman’s head as he surveyed his neighborhood, as he spotted Trayvon Martin and decided to trail him along the wide streets and endless white stucco of central Florida.

Was George Zimmerman feeling calm when he pulled out his gun? Or was his heart and his brain beating furiously, creating electric white noise in his ears? There’s a hideous scream at the end of the song, and it dissolves in a wash of whimpering and feedback, flooding your ears like blood soaking into the sidewalk. It takes weeks for the rain to wash a stain like that out of the concrete.

‘White Hot Gun’ makes the murder of Trayvon Martin sound inevitable. The Phantom Family Halo not only sound prepared for it, they sound like they were expecting it. Intentionally or not, the band crafted a song that is truly American, in the ugliest, most violent sense of the word. There are people in this country who are weak and afraid that having a gun at their side is the only thing that can make them feel safe. It’s a nation of quivering bullies, seeing the world through half-formed prejudices of loathing and suspicion. Oh but man how they strut when there’s a gun in their hand. And just like little Linus and his baby blue blanket, they aren’t ever going to let go, not when it feels like this.

The Phantom Family Halo sound like they understood all this a long time ago. Too bad some people have to learn this shit the hard way.

(continues overleaf)

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