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A Week in the Life of Jeff Pollack, Collapse Board Superstar – week 4

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by Wallace Wylie and Everett True

Another week, another dollar for Collapse Board’s own upper-middle management superstar, Jeff Pollack.

Day one
Today was a time of relaxation for me. I like to call these days “Jeff days” because on “Jeff days” it’s all about Jeff. Recently I was asked in some fan mail what I like to do to relax. My answer is simple: I watch the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. As movies go they are easily the most influential and financially successful of the past 20 years. You don’t need elf eyes to see why this franchise was such a smash hit with moviegoers of all ages. The tenacious hobbits, the noble Aragorn (son of Arathorn), Legolas with his high cheekbones, and Gimli the dwarf will just fuck you up let’s not forget the dwarf warrior Gimli. It’s hard to pick a favourite and the great thing about “Jeff days” is I don’t have to. Who’s your favourite?

Day two
Music fans have high standards for the music they like, and rightly so. Does the band have a guitarist? A singer? Someone who can write memorable and stadium-filling pop songs that contain a hook, some inventive structure and interesting lyrics? Do they measure up to the considerable standards that Kurt Cobain and his band Nirvana set all those years ago? Now, there was a man who was not tortured by worry over whether “popularity is bad” or not, or whether his music was too commercial. He saw a gap in the market that needed to be filled, and he went for it. Hard work, constant touring and MTV exposure all played their part, but – and I don’t want to come across as too controversial here – they never would have achieved the success they so richly deserved without a top notch, no punches pulled, marketing team.

Day five
… how can music be too commercial, anyway?

Day seven
Just threw some CDs in and pressed shuffle. Coldplay, Cut Copy, Santana, The Who and more Coldplay! Hail hail rock and roll. Music is great.

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