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An Important Public Service Announcement.

An Important Public Service Announcement.
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Ahem. Today we at Collapse Board present the following public service announcement from Everett True:

I have a few weeks spare, now that I have submitted the corrections for my PhD, and I would like to start up a new music & politics & general troublemaking website, with view to creating a print version. Based here in Brighton.

I would like mainly female contributors please – although I ain’t discounting you if you ain’t a jerk – and…uh, the usual. I need, designers, photographers, writers, researchers, cultural insurrectionists…oh, and if anyone would like to be paid, then ad agents, marketing folk, PRs and so forth.

Collapse Board is still very much extant, but right now it’s in the capable hands of Lee Alexandra Adcock and Justin Edwards.

Email me on everett_true(at)hotmail.com if interested, and please spread the word.

To over-emphasize what this means –
a) if you’d like to send us (still #25 in the world, by the way) your essay on the Australian music industry, or your firsthand experiences with misogyny at a gig, or more praise for Blank Realm, or etc. etc., then DO NOT direct your email/tweet/private message/telepathic telegram to Everett.
b) DO send your pitch to Justin (that’s editorial[at]collapseboard.com, or @jxe520 on the tweets).
c) And/or DO send your pitch to me (that’s la.adcock[at]gmail.com, or @ProminenceLA on the tweets).
d) DO drop a line to Everett if you want to rouse rabble around Brighton in the new rag.

Erm, and that’s all for now, kids. Keep yr eyes peeled, because this space is gonna keep groovin’.

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