Bitch Prefect at Woodland and Deadshits Motel.

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First time at Woodland and it is impressive. Lots of space good layout. Stage up off the ground. Lights. Air con. Bar. Everything you need really. With the Troubadour and Globe closing we need new venues so the timing couldn’t be better.

Having been away from live music for about two weeks I realized about 30 sec into Teen Ax just how much I missed really loud distorted guitars. I thought it was great.

Teen Ax – Live @ Woodland – 05 Nov 2010

One of the best sets I’ve heard from The Deadnotes and The Legend. All very new songs that will undoubtedly be developed further.

The Deadnotes w The Legend – Live @ Woodland – 05 Nov 2010

Young Romantix didn’t do much for me but they were entertaining enough.

Young Romantix – Live @ Woodland – 05 Nov 2010

Bitch Prefect from Adelaide were great. About the only thing I’d heard of theirs was ‘Bad Decisions’ and when it finally came along in the set it felt like filler. I love this.

Bitch Prefect – Live @ Woodland – 05 Nov 2010

And the next day at a BBQ they played again. Meat Thump came along and struggled with tiny amps and bad leads but there is one absolute stunner in there.

Meat Thump – Live @ Deadshits Motel – 06 Nov 2010

Bitch Prefect were even better than the night before.

Bitch Prefect – Live @ Deadshits Motel – 06 Nov 2010

Ooh look, here’s that bloody competition link again for those who missed it the last few times.

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