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by Matt Kennedy

Naked On The Vague

It’s been dead quiet around here the last two months. I guess I’ve been on a break or I’m just lazy or poor or something. Here’s some recent music videos from some of the best bands Australia has to offer right now (in my fucked opinion). All are worth my time and maybe yours too.

Naked On The Vague  – ‘Clock of 12’s’

From “Twelve Dark Noons” EP on Sacred Bones Records.
Directed by Jacqueline Castel.
Shot by Jacqueline Castel, Caleb Braaten, & Matthew Hopkins.

Woollen Kits – ‘Maths’

Official video for the A-side of the upcoming RIP Society 7″, ‘Maths/Out Of Town’.
Out June 20.

Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys – ‘Nobody Else’

Video by Angela Bermuda – silvervideo.tumblr.com.
Nobody Else 7″ out June 20 on R.I.P Society Records.

The Twerps  – ‘Black Eyes’

Filmed by Johann Rashid and James Eisen.
Edited by Johann Rashid.

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