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 Everett True

Christmas Song of the day – 423: Eux Autres

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Eux Autres - Another Christmas At Home

The second in this three-part mini-series. I discovered this song, end of last year. Just too late for Christmas 2010.

No such worries this time. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m very pleased to present Eux Autres:

Touched down in fields of freshly powdered snow
The streets are bathed in the anemic glow
Of plastic snowmen–No man!
We’re not tuckered out; we’ll meet you anyway
Where the champagne’s on tap
Another Christmas at home

Outside the snow is turning brown again
Inside, an army of our drinking friends
Dad slides a fiver over: “Play me Hotel California, little one”
When the champagne’s on tap
Another Christmas at home

Indie bands so invariably get it wrong when it comes to Christmas songs. This year I’ve been presented with offerings by Shannon And The Clams, Crocodiles w/Dum Dum Girls… even Tim Wheeler. Most of these bands I like just fine but these songs are complete baloney. They all treat Christmas songs sort of sardonically … like they know they’re too good to be singing them really, let’s leave that to the Mariah Careys and Cliff Richards of this world, so they tip you a knowing wink while playing them. WHY FUCKING SING THEM IF YOU FEEL LIKE THAT, YOU TWATS? Go be sarcastic to the linoleum or something. Or it’s a joke. Yes of course it’s a joke, you maroons. You just figured that out? Move on. Move along.

Eux Autres escape the trap, like The Long Blondes and Joey Ramone before them, because they have such an obvious, clear love for the form (whether the song is sarcastic or not): and such a great song to match. And, like The Long Blondes, the fact their Christmas song is also their finest song is no disgrace whatsoever. A great Christmas song is nobody’s strawberry fool.

‘Another Christmas At Home’ is Darlene Love great.

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