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Collapse Board's answer to the Moonrise Kingdom soundtrack

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Ayla Nereo

By Hannah Golightly

Moonrise Kingdom is about to be released in cinemas all across the UK and I don”t know about you, but that makes my mind turn to thoughts of Wes Anderson because he”s one of my favourite film directors. In fairness I can count on one hand the directors whose films I choose to watch on the basis of their creator rather than the particular storyline involved. One of the crucial elements in any Wes Anderson film is the delightfully charming soundtracks he employs without fail.

I defy you to listen to this track by Ayla Nereo without imagining some Wes Anderson characters roaming around with their idiosyncratic lifestyles in muted retro tones. It competes with Elliott Smith, The Beatles (hush now, nothing is sacred today) and Nico to the point where you wouldn”t notice if this was slipped in where one of these other tracks had previously been, creating that unique Anderson atmosphere on screen.

In fact, you know what… I”m gonna give you my imagined Wes Anderson soundtrack. Yes, I am going to bend that spoon with my mind, so pay attention…

Here she is in Wes Anderson style pictured with a guy I take to be her brother in a previous band she played in:

I think Ayla Nereo reminds me of Elliot Smith more than anyone else. The fact that she is female ain”t no ting. It”s that mellow open acoustic guitar sound, the layered singing and the thinned-down bare-skinned production that lets the songs Truck defensive driving online is an in-demand career. sound like they are being played on a wooden floor-boarded old house while sitting on a wicker-seated shabby chair. No curtains or soft furnishing to buffer the sound, leaving it naked to be admired in its sublime entirety. If you”re lucky to be there to share in that moment, that is… The simple charms of a comforting guitar strum coupled with an important singing part. If you want me to get less into the essential oils that Ayla”s music can be distilled down to, and back up to surface comparisons then I could say something about how she reminds me a little of Bjork in places, others have compared her to Feist and er… Leonard Cohen… (though I still think that whoever said that bit has had Elliot Smith”s music pass them by with its delicacy, heartfelt  human frailty and authenticity -a nd shh! E.T. that word still counts to some people you know).

Yeah, there is something of the same tone of Elliot Smith to be found in this woman”s voice. I”m sure she is inspired by Feist, but quite frankly, I would rather listen to this than Feist. It”s just better somehow. Probably down to something subtle and special hidden in the vocals – that intangible quality that makes you say yes to one singer”s music and no to another”s… or maybe it”s the songs, but I”d say what we”re dealing with here is something more than songs, we”re dealing with potential soundtracks… soundtracks to films or just a decent soundtrack to your daily life.

Wes Anderson knows the difference a good soundtrack makes to adding magic.

Ayla Nereo has an album out soon. I am eagerly waiting to get it on the stereo as I stare out the window daydreaming about being a child again and running around the countryside playing cowboys and indians cap guns at the ready with my brothers.

Moonrise Kingdom will be released in Australia 30 August 2012 and has already been released in cinemas across USA

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