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Cured Pink + Psy Ants + Fangs Of + Die On Planes @ Burst City, 29.08.10

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Back to Burst City… definitely the best place to spend a Sunday afternoon in Brisbane. $5 entry, 4 bands, what a good deal. For this show I tried something new and used a better video camera (courtesy Adam Rogers of Heart Flew fame), featuring widescreen, night mode etc. It’s bloody nice is what it is, enjoy the difference.


Opening with nothing more than a few heartfelt screams which then developed into tape machine perversions and some brutal floor thrusting, Cured Pink shows us why he’s one of the best solo experimental noise performance artists in Australia.


Once again, here is the ALMIGHTY Psy Ants. Reliable as ever, they battle through technical problems and deliver the brutal.


Melbourne’s Fangs Of… A TV Evangelist were very decent. Brutal post punk with enough imagination in the songs and structures to keep it engaging for the whole set, something a lot of similar bands don’t do (for me anyway). Awesome.


I love it when I see a band I haven’t seen before and they take me by complete surprise. Die On Planes came across as total dumbarse stoner doom and I mean that in the best possible way. I could watch/listen to this shit for days on end.

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