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DEADSHITS! and the week ahead

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What does Brisbane do to deserve nights like this? What do all of the horny, apathetic narcissists who stalk the valley every Friday and Saturday night do to warrant such an amazing lineup? I’ve no idea, but that’s not the point. The point is that the hardworking people behind The Outpost (I Used To Skate Once) and Bedroom Suck Records have come up with a new “festival series” called DEADSHITS! And it looks disgracefully good.

Absolute Boys (Melb) will be launching their new ‘Single Space’ 12″.

Bitch Prefect (Adel) will be playing Brisbane for the first time.

Young Romantix (Melb) will be playing weird shit.

Teen Ax* (Syd) will also be playing Brisbane for the first time.

*Don’t google “Teen Ax”. You’ve been warned.

The Deadnotes will be unleashing The Legend! Everett True.

Cured Pink will be acting like an absolute retard.

So, not to be missed. It all goes down at the wonderful Woodland Bar on Friday, November 5. Get your tickets at The Outpost for just $10 or online for $10 plus booking fee, and help make this a regular event.

“That’s all well and good, but what am I supposed to do this weekend? Idiot!”

Harsh, anonymous interjector, but fair.

Cheapskates ought to enjoy McKisko’s free residency at the Powerhouse on Friday night. Little Red, Sparkadia and Kimbra will be at The Hi-Fi for those who’ve not already wasted their welfare payments.

Saturday night sees Tame Impala take their “best new music” to The Tivoli. If you’d rather spend your money on booze than moderately expensive gig tickets then get to AXXONN’s debut album launch at The Club House (Tempo Hotel).

Small helpings from a smorgasbord of live music. You spoilt fucks.

Props to Eternal Soundcheck for most of the above videos.

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