Dane Wilson

DEADSHITS! and the week ahead

What does Brisbane do to deserve nights like this? What do all of the horny, apathetic narcissists who stalk the valley every Friday and Saturday night do to warrant such an amazing lineup? I’ve no idea, but that’s not the point. The point is that the hardworking people behind The Outpost (I Used To Skate Once) […]

 Dane Wilson

First Aid Kit live @ The Spiegeltent, 10.09.10

Feeling compelled to adopt a clumsy German accent for the duration of your stay is only part of the Spiegeltent’s appeal. The most important part is the shows inside, like those of Sweden’s precocious Söderberg sisters, otherwise known as First Aid Kit. Klara and Johanna’s profile took off in 2008 with a cover of Fleet […]

 Dane Wilson

mood swings (The Radio Dept.)

The Radio Dept. Clinging to a Scheme (Labrador) Poetic More of the same, but I like it. Melancholy, or something like it. Drifting, floating, tumbling down the side of a cold mountain into a warm ocean. In slow motion. A voice from the deep. Droplets of rain sending me to sleep. More of the same, […]