Everett True

Song of the day – the Bottom 10

Sigh. Some of these songs are so great. Especially (HINT!) Analogik, KASMs, Bee Vamp and Ann Peebles.

 Everett True

The final AXXONN farewell show in Australia.

Damn. You go along and check it out on the basis of Tom Hall’s tour diaries alone.


AXXON tour blog, part 3

I see the manager walking across the room and my volume dissipates. When you’re one man and making the kind thick nutritious sonic slabs that AXXONN makes, it’s like having your throat cut


AXXONN tour blog, part 2

To be honest, Toowoomba scares the shit out of me


AXXONN tour blog

I’m happy to terrify others grandmothers but wasn’t so sure about terrifying my own.

 Everett True

Song of the day – 216: AXXONN

I just love the video. I have no idea what the music sounds like. I just love the video. It’s a great video. Not sure how it will sit if Tom ever wants to take his perky industrial beats in a Norwegian death metal direction though.

 Dane Wilson

DEADSHITS! and the week ahead

What does Brisbane do to deserve nights like this? What do all of the horny, apathetic narcissists who stalk the valley every Friday and Saturday night do to warrant such an amazing lineup? I’ve no idea, but that’s not the point. The point is that the hardworking people behind The Outpost (I Used To Skate Once) […]

 Anna Stodart

AXXONN or (AXX)off?

Super lo-fi synthers AXXONN are set to release their album Let’s Get It Straight this coming October. Off-putting drone and noise you’d expect to hear only seconds from death (and even then, you’d be asking “Can anyone else hear it too?”) isn’t everyone’s thing. But if there is one thing the debut title track ‘Let’s […]