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 Everett True

Everett True reviews Brisbane, pt 2: Tiny Spiders, Lili Kendall

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Second part of the series. Folk are being surprisingly slow in pushing their music forward for review. Perhaps they prefer getting the doubtless unbiased opinion of their mates in the street press? Whatever. Kudos to the handful who have sent music in.

THIS WEEK: things are looking up

Tiny Spiders – Harsh Mistress
Rock music. Rock music played by rock musicians who understand the complexity and simplicity in playing same. Tuneful dissonance that isn’t either really. A little too smart to scour – and has one of those annoying middle-sections that destroy the flow and only come about from having listened to Slint’s Spiderland 20 too many times – but certainly not objectionable the way half this city’s Smashing Pumpkins fans-in-bands are.

There’s a free download at the linked site.

DISCLAIMER: I’m hoping Cameron Smith, one of the two men behind this, might write again for Collapse Board one day soon.

Lili Kendall – Fly Away
She’s 13. I wouldn’t mention it, but everyone else does. Her voice is lovely – excuse me while I kill myself for using a description that anodyne. It lilts, it trills and – for once – the production doesn’t intrude, only compliment. I’m reminded of Eliza Doolittle (which some might see as a minus), of Australian Idol (of course) and Sydney songstress Lanie Lane (sort of). Mostly, however, I’m thinking of the delicious lightness of being that Ms Doolittle exudes, minus the Greenwich Village intonations – oh wait: with – and … er … have I mentioned how lovely this song is? The more I play it, the more taken I am with it.

There’s a free download at the linked site.

DISCLAIMER: I have no connections whatsoever with Ms Kendall, her management company, or any cafes in the West End. Although, this being Brisbane, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that I have.

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