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 Matt O'Neill

Exercise Music I: Fast Music, Slow Walky

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Infected Mushroom I’m The Supervisor (2004)

Dissatisfied with my first hour of work, I decided to pursue something a little more obviously energetic.

Infected Mushroom are arguably the most successful psychedelic trance outfit in history. I’m The Supervisor was the Israeli duo’s last straightforward psytrance album before they started indulging their rock star/breakbeat fantasies more heavily. I presumed nine tracks of uptempo psytrance (closer ‘Stretched’ being a slower number) would prove sufficient motivation to get me back on track.

I certainly felt like I was travelling at a reasonable pace. So confident was I, I even forewent looking at my watch and just presumed I was making time. An alarm I forgot to turn off, however, alerted me to the fact that I was about 15 minutes behind schedule. I nearly killed myself to make it in under 60 minutes. If it wasn’t already obvious, this kind of shit me. So much so, that I’ve decided to try and do the whole 12 kilometres tomorrow in 90 minutes.Yes, I imagine I’ll totally die in the arse.

I’ll be fucked if I’m listening to Infected Mushroom again, though.

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