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 Hannah Golightly

Fuck The Dream. Marry for the love and not the money.

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A Love Letter to Cults.
The first thing that announces itself when you turn on a Cults record has got to be the voice. Pure indie rock cuteness. Cults stand out from everything else due to the combination of their poor production sound and the beauty and charm of the laid-back girlish sex appeal in the vocals … then you get the drum echo, the tape deck piano quality and the catchy fluid lullaby of their tunes. ‘Go Outside’. Started feb 2010. Making music when they started dating. Signed to Lilly Allen’s label. Brian and Maddy. Ninety per cent recorded in the house. Spirit of new bands. Twin sister, dom, Best Coast, looking for new indie music sound. Cults debut album out soon. Xylophone has not been made better use of since The Velvet Underground.

The only music I can compare it to is early Pop Levi records – but even then you’d have to mix in a little Warpaint and MGMT to really have an inkling, plus a touch of the Supremes for good measure. I sense a spirit of love that infuses the music with soul and self-expression. And if you think this description suggests a kitsch twee puke-fest, then I’d have sorely done the depth and strength of their music an injustice. Love is tough and so are Cults. Cults are creating a new sound and a new dream for the painting-by-numbers bandwagon jumpers to ape in about three years time when they’re well established, tried and tested… I can see it now. The muso pages in the back of the NME:

I’m a singer-songwriter looking to form a band exactly like Cults …

This impulse would have been cleverly disguised by the advertiser to save face but that would be the general gist. Epic lush sound that could fill out the sky and everything between it, and the ground – if it weren’t recorded in the confines of a New York bathroom complete with mouldy taps and peeling paint on the walls, just how I like it … like a dirty fuck with your gorgeous soul-mate. A voice in my head is screaming, Yes Yes Yes give me MORE!

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