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 Hannah Golightly

Fuck The Dream. Marry for the love and not the money.

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For me, even though Cults said they don’t see it themselves, I’d like to suggest that USA is once again the place to reap the indie alternative rock crop … for me, the harvest so far includes Cults, Warpaint, MGMT (especially their more guitar-driven songs) and once again, I am excited about music and dare I say it? I might start actually, deliberately, excitedly going out to gigs again. Am I being Reillusioned? I hope so cos this feels good.

These are all the bands who have lately got my heart out of the freezer, melted it and stolen it. I’ve lost control and I’m at their mercy … they have hypnotised me into the next dream – a dream come to pass where good music is on the radio and I am joining my soul with theirs through the speakers. This is the sound of now.

If American rock’n’roll had come from the Wild West … then these bands are Apache. And I like it. Apache is like the alternative resistance in the face of the Cowboy mainstream. It is full of the spirit of the world, tuned into nature and out of the city of the mind. It’s the musical equivalent of a Paulo Coelho novel. Lush harmonies in a strong-willed, proud Pow-wow between audience and the one holding the Talking Stick, in this case, the bands.

The other important ingredient that these three bands seem to have in common is love. In the case of Warpaint, this group of girls are said to be close-knit and caring towards each other – a world away from the typical media presentation of women when they get together … they represent the love of friendship. For Cults, a band made of lovers Brian and Maddy, the band finishes off what their personal romance together begins. MGMT are a band who began as a bit of fun, a sort of joke band to mess around at their mates’ parties and so their love of fun and tongue-in-cheek humour mixed with heartfelt soul (the ethereal, not the genre) is what infuses their music and sparks off the magic hidden in their sound.

In fact I am so in love that it’s spurring me on to do wild crazy things. I want to stick out my thumb, hitchhike to the nearest airport, get the driver to drive pedal-to-the-metal, come to a screeching halt outside the departure lounge and hop on the next flight out of here to New York with nothing but a cash card, a passport and the clothes on my back! When it’s true love, all the rules go out the window.

If you’re doubting me on this, then you obviously haven’t watched enough chick flicks. I believe in love, baby! I’m buying the ticket to prove it!

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