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Great Escape mix-tape

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By Hannah Golightly (words) and Izzy Beaumont (photography)

As a token of affection the mix-tape used to rule them all. It even top trumps a bunch of wild roses and in my case a box of chocolates. Not a big fan of chocolate. Since the dawn of the Digital Age has been and gone and MP3 has invaded and won, the shuffle has replaced the album and the playlist is part of everyday life. Upload download and no rewinding or pressing play/record at the crucial moment when taping off the radio. There’s no need for tape-to-tape machine finding. Instant gratification. Zero waiting. And mostly that’s got to be a good thing. But what about the homemade compilation? The perfect present for any occasion. Mix-tapes. There’s love in them.

Since I have no cassette tape recorder these days I’m going to indulge in a little fantasy inspired by the Great Escape line up and the bands that I managed to catch over the three day festival. Plus, since this is a fantasy, I am including the odd band that I wished I saw but didn’t due to programme clashes. If I had a blank cassette to customise this would be the track-listing (which naturally I would have handwritten in scrawly spidery punk style doodled writing):

Side A

1. Cults – Abducted

2. Yuck – Milkshake

3. Tripwires – Cinnamon

4. Warpaint – Shadows

5. EMA (pictured above) – California

6. The Jezabels – Hurt Me

7. Sali ft M.I.A. – TOLDYA

8. Gallops – Lasers

9. Katy B – Perfect Stranger

10. The Naked And Famous – Young Blood


Side B

1. Kayla La Grange – Vampire Smile

2. Stealing Sheep – Love You Are A Record

3. Fixers – Iron Deer Dream (Chad Valley Remix)

4. Gang Gang Dance – Glory in Itself

5. The Joy Formidable – Whirring

6. Big Deal – Homework

7. The History Of Apple Pie – Tug

8. Kitten – Kill The Light

9. 2:54 – Creeping

10. Anna Calvi – Desire

Gallops @ Green Door Store 14.5.11
Sali @ Coalition 14.5.11
Sali @ Coalition 14.5.11
Yuck @ Horatio’s 14.5.11
Yuck @ Horatio’s 14.5.11
Yuck @ Horatio’s 14.5.11
Yuck @ Horatio’s 14.5.11
EMA @ Horatio’s 14.5.11
EMA @ Horatio’s 14.5.11
2:54 @ Horatio’s 14.5.11
Gallops @ Green Door Store 14.5.11

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