Household – Items (Dull Knife)

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household items

By Brigette Adair Herron

Household items band
Household items beat
Household items music
Household items to smoke with
Household items to get high off of
Household items that get you high
Household items with hidden value
Household items bomb
Household items music
Household items experiment
Household items that weigh 600 grams
Household items that explode

We could talk about the ping pong vocals that recall bands like Oh Ok,
and angular guitar leads that sound like love letters to Carrie Brownstein,
Or maybe Jonathan Richman
and listening to LiLiPUT while laying in the poppy fields
and the sweet awkwardness of springtime
and thinking quiet thoughts of immeasurable desperation
and I wonder what she is thinking
and going to work
and day in and day out
and waiting for things to change for the better
and waiting for Mercury to come out of retrograde
and lyrics, fucking good lyrics
but somehow the Youtube search tab has predicted a better description of the experience of listening to Household than I ever would have written.


There are no music videos for Household yet so just go buy the album Items here.


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