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 Everett True

I wasn’t always this cool (my first record)

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Blondie - Denis back cover

I was old when I first started buying pop music – 17, never liked it before then – so I was aware that people might ask me in future years what the first record I bought was.

The first one I wanted to buy was the 7″ of ‘Denis’ by Blondie – suddenly, I understood why people loved pop so much: the thrill: the beat: the sexual awakening: all captured in two minutes late at night on our tinny analogue radio – but the first one I bought was the 12″ of that godawful Sex Pistols record with Ronnie Biggs on, cos I thought it would sound cooler if I was asked about it in the future.

Fucking idiot. Still, it could have been worse.*

*No it couldn’t.

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