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John is a music critic. Write John, write!

John is a music critic. Write John, write!
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Brainfreeze caused by attempt to start final draft of PhD.


John is a music critic
Write John, write!

Jo is a musician.
Play Jo, play!


Holly is a music critic
Write Holly, write!

Chris is a musician.
Play Chris, play!

Holly is going to fuck shit up.


Jane is a blogger.
Steve is a rock star.

Jane is gonna kick Steve’s ass.


Jane loves Kelly.
Kelly loves Tanya.
Tanya loves Kelly and Jane.

Bertrand is a bikie.

Tony Abbott hates Jane, Kelly, Tanya and Bertrand, and would lock them up for life if he could.


Miley is a pop star.
Miley likes making videos.
Miley likes making songs.

Go Miley go!


Robin is a pop star.
Robin likes to make videos that demean women while pretending it’s empowering them.

Stop Robin, stop!


Bob is a protest singer.
Bob wants to know how many roads a man must walk down before he becomes a man.

Five, Bob. Five.


Dave is a famous rock star.
Paul is a music critic for a website that no one reads.

Does Paul want to talk to Dave? Yes.
Does Dave want to talk to Paul? No.
Does Dave talk to Paul? Yes.
His record company think it is a good idea.

Talk, Dave, talk.


Miley has a new video out.
Quick, Paul, Jane, Holly and John! Write about it before everyone else.

Too late. Buzzfeed has already done a 53 Things You Shouldn’t Say To Miley In The Toilet.


Scott is a music critic.
Everyone else is a music critic critic.

Take cover, Scott!


Steven is a pop star with a social conscience.
Steven says there is a light and it never goes out.

Don’t waste electricity, Steven.
Shut the fridge door.


Bono is a rock star.
Bono still hasn’t found what he’s looking for.

Don’t stand too close to The Edge, Bono!


Calvin & Hobbes © the god-like genius of Bill Watterson

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