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Katy Perry | Part of Me | Movie Review

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Katy Perry Part of Me Movie Review

The first in hopefully a lengthy series of reviews, in which you can sing the review in real time over the actual song – Ed

By Suze Reviews

Films like these could take it either way
Please the fans or PR escapade
She opens up, pours her heart out
A shining star, there is no doubt
A normal life, of which she’s proud
And how she won her popstar crown
Is there to see

This is called Part of Me, a raw and sentimental rockumentary
This is Katy Perry, the kind of little sister that I’d wanna be
Through her dulcet tones
And cotton-candy shows
With glittery make-up and gorgeous clothes
This glam biography forever seals her place in music history

Family, God shaped who she is today
She kissed a girl then she was here to stay
From kid and up, she was no sheep
Was always living out her dream
And though her life’s been up and down
There’s nothing that can stop her now
Listen closely

The film is Part of Me, a montage of her tour which goes behind-the-scenes
Presented in 3D (the point of which was never all that clear to me)
Honest to her bones
Forget what you know
Cos the queen of pop wants to rock’n’roll
Marshmallow, honey-sweet, her fans will just adore her self-integrity

She’s talented and hard-working
Earned herself global acclaim
But down-to-earth and cool like your best friend
Now showing….go-oh
To see her cry is heart-breaking
When her man calls it a day
Her team just don’t do anything
Just care, yeah
When she’s happy

She’s just like you and me, but Katy’s kind of normal doesn’t come for free
Dazzling as she can be, a humble girl-next-door with no sycophancy
And as role-models go
Katy wants you to know
Just believe and you will achieve your goal
This is called Part of Me, and Katy you’re amazing but I’m glad I’m me

Starring: Katy Perry, Shannon Woodward, Mia Moretti, Bradford Cobb

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