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Lady Gaga thinks homosexuality is perverted

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Imagine you’re browsing on YouTube and you find one of those 10-minute videos where a young liberal-minded reporter enters the lions den and starts asking conservative types what they think of gay marriage.

The reporter is saying nothing, letting the typical bile flow out of the interviewee’s mouths, condemning themselves with their ignorance. An older man appears onscreen and starts lambasting the gay lifestyle. “They’re all a bunch of perverts. Dressing up and whipping themselves all the time. Not one of them is normal. They’re all perverted freaks having orgies all the time.” We allow ourselves a chuckle while inwardly gasping at the sheer idiocy of it all. But get this: Lady Gaga thinks exactly the same thing as this imaginary gentleman. Don’t believe me? Read on, friend.

From day one, Lady Gaga has set herself up as an advocate of gay rights. As a position this is clearly admirable, especially as many gay couples are fighting to secure what should be unarguable rights. So far so good. But does Lady Gaga understand the association she is making by having gay rights advocacy infused so strongly with her overtlysexual imagery that looks like dance night at an S&M club? Lady Gaga wants to be controversial. This is a given. Therefore she is playing with imagery that is meant to ruffle the feathers of the more prudish elements of American society. All fun and games, but if she imagines homosexuality to be one of those highly stylised shows of sexual degeneracy that will cause a stir then we have a problem. The problem is, homosexuality is normal. When a 25-year-old man gazes longingly at the handsome stranger who just entered the bar, he is not engaging in a degenerate, perverted activity. He is obeying a natural bodily impulse. Do some homosexuals dabble in S&M? Obviously they do, as do many straight couples. Do I have a problem with S&M? Not in the slightest. One thing should be clear, however: the rights of the S&M enthusiast come from a different legal and moral tradition than gay rights.

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